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Meet Penny, an Australian artist living on Victoria’s beautiful Surf Coast. 


Penny has always been a creative at heart and has found that with a paintbrush in hand, she can bring her dream of living on a tropical island to life, on canvas.


Penny’s art is born out of a desire to travel and explore, and her work aims to capture the essence of island life. Her use of harmonious colour combinations convey a sense of calm and evoke the warmth and energy of the tropics. 


For Penny, painting is a form of meditation, allowing her to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with nature. She has gained a loyal following of collectors who appreciate her ability to transport them to a peaceful oasis, a place that evokes feelings, memories and a place to escape to. 

Penny Byrne Art _ Artist brand photoshoot with Bobby Dazzler photography _ Torquay, Surf C
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